Giro Rosa – stage 7: Watch replay

Short and steep

With 128.3 km, 3 GPMs, and 1 sprint point, today was a long and active day in the Giro Rosa. Starting in Cornedo Vicentino, the stage did not reach great elevations, but the constant and steep undulations made for a challenging race. With 6 days of hard racing already behind them, who will have the legs to take the victory in Fara Vicentino?

Length: 128.3 km / 79.7 miles

Start: Cornedo Vicentino

Finish: Fara Vicentino

Fact of the day: The castle of Thiene is considered the most important Gothic building of the fifteenth century. Today it stands as a moment in time, preserving many frescos, furniture and paintings from that period.

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