Compton starts strong

Katie Compton kicks off season with podium performances

Trek’s Katie Compton smiled from the cyclocross podium in Belgium on Sunday. Her third place finish in the Telenet Superprestige Ruddervoorde competition was especially sweet after an unlucky crash in August broke her right arm.

I was really happy to see the podium," said Compton. “I came into the season a little more slowly. This shows me I am definitely progressing well.

At this early stage of the cyclocross season, Compton’s success is the ignition of a slow burn that she wants to sustain through the winter.

Belga Photo by David Stockman

Ruddervoorde competitors endured rainy conditions yesterday and their wheels splattered mud constantly as they cut through the saturated course.

“I love those conditions, they’re my favorite,” said Compton. “It takes a lot of strength and focus to ride through the mud like that. The course was really fun.”

Belga Photo by David Stockman

Compton transitioned from dry and sunny Colorado to her rainy winter base camp in Belgium three weeks ago. This is Compton’s 12th year making the winter commute to Belgium and she loves her weekly rides in the sandy forest where she trains at least twice per week.

It is like riding sand on a beach as far as you can see, but instead of water there are trees,” described Compton.

As she twists through the forest, Compton’s determined to make strong, steady progress that ends at the top of the bigger podiums. Her eyes are firmly set on the U.S. national championship in December and World Championships in February. Stay tuned.