Compton wins DVV Trofee in Baal

Katie Compton wins GP Sven Nys, and secures DVV Trofee overall

It’s been an incredible season for Katie Compton, who has taken numerous wins in 2017. Adding to this impressive set of results is her recent win this past weekend in Baal, at the DVV-Sven Nys GP. In addition to being an exhilarating win, the result secured her overall series win for the DVV Trofee. See below for the full replay:

The race went well for Katie, who enjoyed the challenging conditions. In her words,

"The race was great, conditions were hard but really fun. I really enjoyed sliding around in the mud on the downhills and had strong legs for pedaling on the ups. It was a good race from start to finish after a small somersault into the mud on one of the first drops. There was a hole under water before the rut I was aiming for and you couldn’t see it, it just stopped you dead in your tracks! Luckily I recovered quickly from my tumble and was able to make some passes in the next descent and the rest of the first lap. I just went into chase mode after that since Ann Marie Worst had a healthy gap from lap 1. Baal is a favorite course of mine since the conditions are usually pretty muddy and tough, and I like the bit of climbing too."

"It felt great to win and securing the overall DVV was an added bonus I wasn’t thinking about till the podium. Winning a series always feels pretty great since it takes strength and consistency to be good at a variety of courses through the whole season."