Giulio Ciccone will not race the Giro d’Italia

“Giving up the Giro breaks my heart, but I have to listen to my body” says the Italian.

Giulio Ciccone must raise the white flag and give up his spot on Trek-Segafredo’s Giro d’Italia roster. The decision was taken today, by mutual agreement, by the rider and Team, after noting the persistence of covid-19 symptoms (as well as continued positive test results) and the short amount of time left to be at the Corsa Rosa healthy and competitive.

It was a hard choice for Trek-Segafredo and a painful decision for Giulio, considering his strong connection with the Giro and the fact that the Grande Partenza will be in Abruzzo, his home region. But, in light of the facts, the decision was necessary.

Ciccone first tested positive on Monday (24th May) and since then he has been unable to train due to struggling with sinusitis, a cough and tiredness. With the race fast approaching, it was agreed that the necessary time to recover fully was not there.

Ciccone will now focus exclusively on a gradual and stress-free recovery. The next events of his season will be confirmed later in May.

On Tuesday, Trek-Segafredo will confirm its complete line-up for the Giro d’Italia.

Reactions by Giulio Ciccone:

“Giving up the Giro breaks my heart. I can’t find any other words to describe my feelings right now. I would have faced my favorite race after the best start to a season of my career. I would have started from home, from my Abruzzo; a historic event, even unique. Everything was perfect and then… I mean, it feels absurd. I have to swallow a bitter pill and the thought of what I could have done in this Giro will be in my mind for a long time. On the other hand, I have to listen to my body. I have to recover in the best way possible because the season is long and the risk of compromising it would be too high. It’s a tough decision, but I have to accept the fact and look beyond it. As soon as I return to racing, I will turn this disappointment into determination.”

Reactions by Gregory Rast, head team director at the Giro d’Italia:

“We are losing a very important part of our Giro squad. With his innate talent and with the great condition he has shown in the very first part of the season, Giulio had everything needed to be one of the protagonists of the race. We are sorry for him, because we know how much he wanted to be there, and it’s a pity that we won’t have our strongest man for the climbs. Replacing a captain a few days before the start is impossible, as is finding someone capable of taking over his leadership. In the next few hours we will decide the rider who will take his place. We have some good options who, although in a different role, will guarantee their contribution to the team.”