Watch now: ‘The Run Up’ goes behind the scenes of Paris-Roubaix!

See the sweat, pain and preparation going into the first women's edition of The Hell of the North

It’s finally here: The first ever women’s edition of Paris-Roubaix. If you think you’ve been anticipating this race, just imagine what the riders have been going through. The race was supposed to debut in 2020, but was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was delayed again to October 2o21 from its traditional April date. In all that time, riders have been scouting, testing and psyching themselves up to take on the most storied one-day race in road cycling.

Saturday will be a historic day. Below, you can watch how it all came together, from the mental and physical preparations, to the technical and tactical decisions that go into a teeth-chattering cobbled classic.

Now that you’ve seen what it takes to race The Hell of the North, you definitely won’t want to miss the live edition. See below for a list of broadcasters: