Contract extensions for Simmons, Hoole, Theuns, Kirsch and Vergaerde

Lidl-Trek renew strong classics core as they build for the future

Lidl-trek are pleased to announce contract extensions for five dedicated riders. USA national champion Quinn Simmons has signed a deal which will see him represent Lidl-Trek through 2026 whilst Daan Hoole, Edward Theuns, Alex Kirsch and Otto Vergaerde will race for Lidl-Trek through 2025.

A solid core is needed more than ever as we set our sights even higher for the future. Within this group we have reliable, versatile riders who are essential to our success, whether that is taking their own chances or helping teammates to achieve theirs. - Luca Guercilena, General Manager

Quinn Simmons: I’m super happy to be staying with the team. Over the past 4 years I’ve really started to feel at home here and feel that I’ve made good steps each year. I’m still super proud to be riding for an American team and representing an American brand, which is a key importance for me. I’m excited that I get three more years of that. For the future I look to continue improving and growing with the team. This year has been frustrating for me so I’m already looking forward to what the next three will bring. We have some big goals and I really hope to achieve them whilst wearing the jersey of Lidl-Trek over the next three years.”

Luca Guercilena: “Quinn has had a difficult year due to injury and sickness, but despite that he was able to take two wins, including bringing the USA national champion jersey to our Team. I don’t think we have seen Quinn’s full potential yet. Everyone knows how strong he is, but luck hasn’t been on his side recently. He puts in the hard work, it’s only a matter of time until everything ‘clicks’ for him.”

Daan Hoole: I am super happy that I will stay for two more years with Lidl-Trek. I really enjoyed my first two years; from the beginning I felt really welcome and really enjoyed working with my teammates as well as the staff. For the future I will keep focusing on developing all aspects of my cycling, but particularly my time trial. I enjoyed being able to help some of our guys win races, but in the next two years I also want to be the one with my hands in the air. I think this is the best place for me to do that.”

Luca Guercilena: “Daan has shown solid growth during his time as a neo-pro and is ready to take the next step in his development. We have spent time aero testing to fine-tune his time trial position and the results show that these efforts are paying off. Daan fits well in the classics team as well as our sprint leadout. He’s been learning from the experienced guys around him and we’re looking forward to seeing how he continues to improve over the next two years.”

Edward Theuns: “I’m very happy to extend my contract with Lidl-Trek. I’ve spent most of my professional career with this team and feel at home here. I’ve really found a good balance between some personal chances in semi Classics and sprints and as a support role in the big Classics for our leaders. In the upcoming years I would like to grow in my role as a leadout for our sprinters and keep working hard to be ready at every race. I would especially like to thank the Team and its partners for their support.”

Luca Guercilena: Edward has spent seven years racing with us and we’re happy to keep him for another two. He plays an important role to help our leaders during the classics and there aren’t many riders who know these races as well as Edward does. This experience is valuable to pass on to the younger riders as we continue to focus on developing talent.”

Alex Kirsch: “I’m very happy to stay with Lidl-Trek for two more years. It’s a team that believed in me 5 years ago and gave me the opportunity to show myself in the WorldTour. During those years I found my spot very well in the peloton, as a helper in the classics and especially in the last year in the leadout for Mads. I hope I can improve further in leadouts and help Mads to win classics and the biggest races on the calendar. In the last 12 months I also improved my own level and in the future maybe in a few races I can get a good result for myself or even win a race once in a while. With Lidl coming on board our goals are becoming bigger and I’m happy to play a part in achieving these goals as a helper.”


Luca Guercilena: Alex is a strong rider who has a great understanding of his role. He fully dedicates himself to the team, whether that is in the leadout for Mads or as a helper in the Classics. For this reason, it was especially pleasing to see him take his first professional wins in his national championships.”

Otto Vergaerde: “I’m very happy to ride for Lidl-Trek for another 2 years, a place where I found a good mix of professionalism and a family feeling. I feel appreciated for the work I do, whether it’s pulling the break back or helping the sprinters in the leadouts and our leaders in the classics. Now that Lidl has joined the Trek family, we will be raising our ambitions to perform well in the GC of the Grand Tours in the future. Therefore, I am proud that the Team has confidence in me to help to achieve these goals.”

Luca Guercilena: Otto has been a reliable rider in his first two seasons with us. He often does the underappreciated, but very important, early work in races to control a breakaway or keep the leaders in a good position. Otto has a great knowledge of the northern classics and his experience on this terrain cannot be understated.”