Edward Theuns Sprints to Second at Binche-Chimay-Binche

Fast Eddie narrowly misses out on win at Belgian one-day race

How it happened

Despite earlier efforts on the part of Jasper Stuyven and Toms Skujiņš to shake up the race, Binche-Chimay-Binche was heading towards a sprint finish. The Middle-Aisle Massive regrouped and moved to the front of the pack in anticipation of the finish. Daan Hoole led Jasper Stuyven ahead of nominated sprinter Edward Theuns expertly through the final 5km. Standing at 1.98m and brimming with power, there are few better at sheltering their sprinter from the wind than Hoole. As he swung off, tank now empty, Stuyven took over for a short but intense effort to keep Theuns at the front. They hit the cobbled final kilometer and Theuns decided to strike out early. Kragh Andersen (Alpecin) countered, and Theuns forced himself to close the gap. The line was fast approaching, leaving just enough road for Theuns to pass Kragh Andersen, but out of the slipstream behind came Mozzato (Arkea), who nipped past the two of them to take the win on the line.

Eddie’s reaction

“It was a hard race in general so there were a lot of tired legs in the end. As a Team I think we did a really good race; we had the plan that I should save myself for a sprint whilst the other guys had the chance to attack. In the final I was bit on the limit and Toms brought us very well to the important point as we entered the small roads. From there Daan did an incredible pull on the front which kept me and Jasper in the wheel in a good position so we could save so much energy. Jasper launched it when the cobbles started and I tried to go and Kragh Andersen attacked on the last bit of the climb. I had a hard time to attack but I knew the finishing straight was a headwind and there was a small gap behind me so I kept believing that I could take the victory. I aimed for the slipstream of Kragh Andersen and I was quite confident that with a last effort I could pass him, but suddenly Mozzato came with so much speed in the last 30 meters. We did a great job as a team but I’m a bit disappointed I couldn’t finish it off to reward the guys for the strong race they did.”

The best photos of the day

Courtesy of Sprint Cycling