Schneitter third at e-Bike Worlds

Nathalie Schneitter and Sven Nys tackle the mud in Leogang

The relatively new e-Bike World Championships are a fascinating challenge. Both editions are a quagmire, and leave those watching nearly incapable of guessing the outcome. Who will win? Is it whoever has the best bike, the strongest fitness, the best handling? Although the questions still go without a great answer, it’s clear that riders need more than the traditional set of skills. This is not a regular bike race.

Although only the second edition, the races are becoming precipitously more competitive, with riders from XC, cyclocross and downhill all racing together to prove their worth. With the confluence of many disciplines, the racing has become a bright and exciting new side of mountain biking.

Representing Trek in the women’s race was reigning World Champion in the discipline, Nathalie Schneitter, along with cyclocross legend Sven Nys in the men’s race.

Reigning World Champion Nathalie Schneitter was the favorite, but it was still a huge battle

Riders were looking for traction anywhere

I am very proud of the fight I showed and felt really really solid on the climbs. In the downhills though the two other girls were just faster. It was epic conditions like never seen before in a MTB race and I struggled finding the good lines in the mud. Nevertheless, I am proud of fighting my way to bronze.
-Nathalie Schneitter-

A podium for Nathalie at the end of the day

Sven Nys tries his hand

Very familiar conditions for the cyclocross legend

Riding e-bike world championships was really fun. In this discipline, everything comes together. Downhill, cross-country and cyclo-cross all mix together to form a unique, new discipline, unlike any other. The bike felt great in difficult circumstances, and I took some extra chances after trusting the capabilities of the Rail. I would love to ride more in this new sport, as with these bikes you can just do so much!
-Sven Nys-

Sven would finish in 19th

Be sure to keep in touch with the riders as the whole roster competes at this week’s World Championships!