Trek-Fasthouse joins the scene

New North American enduro program hits the circuit

In some ways, the ever growing discipline of enduro is like taking a ride with friends and putting a clock on it. You pin it on your favorite sections, and then cruise up the next one with your buddies. This is enduro, just with more timing chips. The BME, Continental EWS, and others like it are probably more competitive than your weekend ride, but the scene is fun, friendly, and fast.

Meet the Trek-Fasthouse squad. They are fun, friendly, and fast.

The team is made of Travis Claypool, Shane Leslie, and Cole Picchiottino

The bikes start as stock Slash 9.9, with suspension support for the Trek suspension lab in California. Nothing like testing the newest squishy parts in competition.

Full kits from none other than Fasthouse.

Bell comes on board for head protection

The foundation is set for a season of fun

Lets meet the team. First up, Travis Claypool.

Fast in the corners...

...and fast in the air.

Travis now has a mustache. Congrats to him!

Travis is no stranger to the Trek platform, but is looking forward to the fresh program. In his own words;

Really exited to be apart of the Fasthouse and Trek program this season. As far as goals go, I have my eyes on the U21 Big Mountain Enduro Overall, but that all that means nothing if I'm not having fun. So my biggest goal for this season is to make the best out of every moment I get to ride my bike. The guys at Fasthouse were quick to making me feel welcome and at home so I'm stoked be working with such a rad company. One thing I love about this program is how flexible it allows us to be as riders. We get to ride a sick bike and be deck out in the freshest gear, but we also get to have our own individual sponsors and support which allows us to each express our different styles.

What a nice guy!

Next up is Cole Picciottino!

Master of wheelies

And jumps!

Cole leads it out for the boys, what a guy!

This is how you spell Cole's last name

Certainly a man of few words, you would be hard pressed to find  a more down to earth guy than Cole Picchiottino. Substitute teacher by day, bike rider guy by weekend, Cole is always looking to move fast on the bike and, and be the best teacher in the whole dang world.

I’m pumped to be apart of the Trek/ Fasthouse team this year. My goals will be to place well in the BME series, as well as a few of the EWS rounds in the second half of the season. Everyone that's part of the program is solid, and that makes me stoked for a good year of racing bikes!

What a nice guy!

New to the Trek family is Shane Leslie. Shane is no stranger to the racing scene, and brings an upbeat attitude, some super fast speed, and a really nice haircut!

Post ride hair on point!

Shane comes with airborne capabilities

Expect to see Shane in the mix, battling for top spots on the podium.

I couldn't be more ecstatic about working with Trek and Fasthouse for the 2019 season. Trek is one of the most professional programs I've ever been a part of and I instantly felt right at home on their bikes. Having a group of people that put so much in to helping with the team’s progression has been unreal. I’m really looking forward to racing the Big Mountain Enduro series this year and chasing after the overall title. I can’t wait to get back out to the races and look forward to an incredible season with Trek-Fasthouse.

What nice guy!

Next up for the team is the TDS Enduro! Be sure to stop by the Fasthouse tent and say hello to the team!