WC Maribor track walk

The team gets their exercise in with a lively walk

It was a beautiful day in Maribor Slovenia for the new Trek Factory Racing Downhill team’s very first track walk. Ever! The day was full of getting even more aquantied with 2019’s first World Cup track, and also squeezing in meetings, bike tuning, and even helping our British riders get a sun tan.

Always good to start the day with a social media check. And a wheelie

The day kicks off with a nice group chat on the goals

The Gondola ride is fun for everyone!

It's a full sprint to the top, and an opportunity for the Northern folk to get some sunshine

It's all business at the top, with Ethan Shandro really really liking what he sees

Roots running deep

Fun fact, team technical director Ryan Gaul was a golf prodigy. We're proud to say he's made a full recovery

Team mechanic Sam Farrar encouraging team riders to avoid running into this tree

Time to set it up for tomorrow's practice. Joe Krejbich will be working hard to get the perfect tune

Post track walk set up, now with athlete input. Sadly Reece Wilson developed a sever allergy to shirts on the track walk day

Racing in the home of Unior Tools, Slovenia!

Shoe set up taking time. But not as much time as doctors spend finding a cure for Reece Wilson's tragic shirt allergy

Every aspect of the bikes are checked by Grant Sides

Even Ethan Shandro's tough guy facade couldn't get Reece to put his shirt back on

Stay tuned for more World Cup action as the weekend of racing heats up!