Trek-Fasthouse tackles TDS Enduro

The team has a nice weekend in California

At times, a weekend race can feel like anything but a fun time. The stress of racing and performance can dampen the relaxed vibes we so often seek with riding. The good news is that no body told the people of the TDS Enduro this, because the good times continue to roll.

The nice folks at Fasthouse brought the Trek-Fasthouse team over to one of California’s better enduro events, and enjoyed a weekend of top competition, and an even better party.

Photos from Max Mandell.

The famed logo of the TDS enduro, located almost everywhere

Par for the course

The good people at Fasthouse hosted the team, and made everyone at the event feel like family.

Even R-Dogg showed up!

A race did eventually break out, and Shane Leslie was there to make sure it stayed fast

Still fast

The crowd was very supportive of Shane Leslie

Shane Leslie came out of the weekend as the team’s top rider in 7th place, along with winning the last stage. A solid weekend out!

TDS is always one of the best races of the year", said Shane Leslie. "There is such an unreal group of people there that make you realize how much fun riding bikes is. This year was amazing with Fasthouse taking care of all the team's needs for the weekend and keeping everything fun. I was stoked to come away with a 7th overall as well as a stage win. We had a great first weekend all together as a team and I already can’t wait for the next one.

Cheers Shane! What a nice guy!

Cole Picchiottino going the only speed he knows how

Cole Picchiottino came away with 10th place, and left with even better memories.

First time out at TDS, had some mechanical issues, but the atmosphere and tracks were rad all weekend long, so the mechanicals didn’t dampen the vibe at all," said Cole Picchiottino. "Huge ups to the Sanchez family for putting on this event, easily the best race I’ve been to.

Cole, what a nice guy!

Travis Claypool, wheels up

Travis kept it moving all weekend, albeit with some bad luck on day one

Travis Claypool had the speed he was looking for, but the results were just not there. Eyes forward, but good times still had!

TDS was a mountain bike event unlike any other I have been to," said Travis Claypool. "From beginning to end, all we were doing was having fun riding bikes! Ron and Casey Sanchez know what it means to have a good time, and it showed through everyone's energy and enthusiasm. Racing went well for me, although results weren't were I wanted to be. I am grateful to make it through the weekend with my body and bike intact.

What a weekend.