Brand New Winner

Jaarmarktcross win for Brand, second for Compton

A victorious and mud splattered Lucinda Brand smiled widely as she rolled across the finish line in Niel, Belgium this afternoon. In her inaugural race of the season, Brand’s first place performance at Jaarmarktcross cyclocross competition denoted a strong start to her Telenet Baloise Lions team membership.

What’s more fun than to start with a win?” Brand said. “I didn’t expect it yet today, since I suffered from a cold last week so I couldn’t do all the training I wanted to do. I’ve surprised myself in a positive way today.

Belga Photo by Kristof Van Accom

Responding to the sloppy trail conditions, Brand appreciated the extra support from the Telenet Baloise Lions staff.

“Just before the start, they checked my tire choice and during the race the sports directors gave tactical advise,” Brand said. “These details hold a big extra value for me. It feels really good to be part of a professional CX team.”

Saturated off-road cyclocross conditions demand the aggressive tread of mud tire and low tire pressure, sometimes down to 15 or 16 psi.

Left Katie Compton, middle Lucinda Brand and right Marion Norbert Riberolle on the Jaarmarktcross podium. Belga Photo by Kristof Van Accom

Trek rider Katie Compton also raced well and placed second behind Brand.

“I’m happy to get on the podium,” Compton said. “It took me a little time to find my rhythm, but I was able to get stronger as the race progressed.”

As with many cyclocross courses, the terrain at Jaarmarktcross ranged from loose sand to pavement and took riders through plenty of bike-coating mud along the way.

Telenet Baloise Lions teammate Ellen Van Loy wasn’t far behind with a fifth-place finish. Belga Photo by Kristof Van Accom

Jaarmarktcross is located just south of Antwerp and Belgian cyclocross fans didn’t have to take the day off to watch Brand and Compton climb the podium because November 11 is a Belgian national holiday. Today is Armistice Day which marks the end of World War I on this date in 1918.