Evie Richards tops podium in Banyoles

Evie Richards kickstarts XC season at Super Cup Massi in Spain

Evie Richards shot out of the gate by winning her first cross country competition of the year on Sunday. She clinched the Super Cup Massi in Banyoles, Spain.

“I played a bit of a tactical race which was probably a bit unlike me and I just tried to stay in the group because it was quite fast,” Evie said. “I wasn’t really thinking about winning, I was just trying to position myself well and take each bit of the course as it came. Then towards the end there was a bit of a mistake, from another rider. I just saw that as an opportunity and attacked and managed to stay away so I was so pleased. I think it’s a good start to the season.”

In a year that is building up to the Olympics, each race will be viewed as a building block towards the Tokyo Games. Richards is hoping to secure a spot for the Games. Starting the season strong certainly bodes well for summer performance.

“It’s just a big relief really to start the season well so I’m really happy,” Evie said. “I really don’t know how it will go with the Olympics but all I can do is just ride as well as I can at every race.”

Her best was more than enough in Banyoles.

Evie’s win was a great celebration at the end of the XC training camp in Banyoles. Emily Batty and Stephane Tempier also raced. While Emily suffered a mechanical that was a huge setback (finishing in 35th), Stephane was able to secure a top ten placing.