Evie Richards skyrocketed to the top of the XC world in 2021, winning a World Championship and two World Cup races in the final month of the season. After an injury-riddled 2022, she got right back to her old tricks with eight top five World Cup finishes and a bronze medal in short track at World Championships in 2023. No one knows where the ceiling is for the young British rider, but it'll be fascinating to see where her journey takes her next. One thing's for certain: No one else will be enjoying themselves more out on the course.

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Which skill/talent do you have that people don’t know about?

I love singing and when I am home, I sing 24/7 with my younger sister. I can't say it's a talent as I am very bad at it, but the confidence is there!

What is your favorite pre-race food?

Rice pudding with maple syrup. I have this before every race, low in fiber, high in carbs so it’s perfect.

If you were an animal, you would be…

A blue-footed booby bird. It has the grooviest bright blue feet and lives on the Galapagos Islands, so would be away from humans. Birds see amazing views, they can go from the top of a mountain one day to feeding in the sea the next, so you wouldn't be bored!

What is your best memory on the bike?

Thinking I wasn't going to be able to race in Namur 2017 due to an injured knee, at the last minute lining up to the start line, and then winning it in front of all my family. I didn't even think I would finish the race, so winning was just on another level. My confidence was really low at the time and I had been going through a really hard time, so it just gave me this amazing lift and I just remember all my family crying with happiness!