How do you follow up a year that featured an Olympic gold? Jolanda Neff got back to her dominating World Cup ways in 2022, winning three races and taking seven podiums, as well as placing second at World Championships in Les Gets. Her résumé  includes a World Championship in 2017, three XCO World Cup overall titles, four XCO European Championships, six XCO Swiss Championships, and now 13 XCO World Cup race wins. Jolanda defines the word "racer," and you don't want to miss what she does next.

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What is your favorite song to warm up to?

I warm up without music. My favorite thing to do while warming up is talking to people!

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be?

Arriving places on time. I am always late.

Which skill or talent do you have that people don’t know about?

Juggling on a unicycle.