Evie Richards wins her first World Cup race of the year!

Evie's powerful attack recalled her form at the end of a brilliant 2021 season

After a season full of close calls, Evie Richards finally got her much-deserved World Cup win this season. And what a win it was. Richards took the lead over the elite women’s short track field at the start of the third of four laps, and kept her competitors at arm’s length the rest of the way on a technical, bruising course.

The performance recalled Richards’ storming efforts at the end of her World Championship 2021 season. After the race, she was rightfully overjoyed.

“I’ve got no words really, it’s just brilliant,” Richards said. “I think I’m in a daydream. But [TFR XC performance coach] Paolo shouted two laps to go and I knew I felt comfortable on the descent so I thought ‘Right, I need two laps to get a good gap.’

Evie on the hunt for the top step.

Victory champagne showers are the best champagne showers.

“And there wasn’t much more of a plan than that. I was lucky they didn’t catch on. The excitement just took over.”

Richards is in the midst of a strong and consistent season. Entering Friday, she was fourth on the XCC overall standings coming off two straight second place finishes. She’ll move up to third overall after her win. More importantly, she set herself with a front row start a shot of confidence for Sunday’s Olympic-distance race. 

“I’m just really happy with that,” Richards said. “I just wanted a mix of results and this year to finally get a win at the end of the year with my new coach, it’s just sick. We’re really happy. And especially after Riley [Amos] winning yesterday, it’s cool for Trek to be on the No. 1 spot.”

Evie on the ground after a blisteringly hard race.

The sunniest woman in cycling.

Trek Factory Racing XC is off to an excellent start in Snowshoe so far. Riley Amos won the men’s U23 short track race after taking second place four times in the event. Madigan Munro took fifth in the women’s short track race to match her best World Cup performance so far this year. In the men’s race, Vlad Dascalu took fourth in a thriller, and Anton Cooper finished 25th. Behind Richards in the women’s race, Gwendalyn Gibson took ninth and Jolanda Neff finished 23rd.

TFR XC has a long history of performing well in Snowshoe, Richards especially. She won both the short track and Olympic-distance events at the venue in 2021, and won the U23 race in 2019. Unsurprisingly, the crowd saved some of their loudest cheers for the Brit.

Riley Amos won men's U23 short track on Thursday to kick off the weekend.

Why yes, we *are* having fun.

“I love coming to Snowshoe,” Richards said. “I always have such good memories of being here and the crowds love me. I don’t know why.”

We know why: Richards is one of the fiercest competitors and sunniest personalities in cycling. The world just feels right when she’s on the top step.