2017 Redbull Hardline

Annual event goes big with Dan Atherton finishing third

Every year it happens, and every year the world’s best downhill talent flock to Wales to see it. It is the brainchild of mountain bike luminary Dan Atherton, and holds the title of hardest downhill course in the world. It is Redbull Hardline.

Taking a full year to develop and sculpt, the course pits riders against a relentless and brutal course. Every gram of a rider’s skill is required to make it down the hill.

Immense jumps and gaps. Intense rock gardens. This course brings it all.

This year’s winner was Craig Evans. Dan Atherton rounded out the podium for third.

1 Craig Evans 2.31.29

2 Bernard Kerr 2.33.30

3 Dan Atherton 2.33.73

Next up for the Athertons is the Fox Hunt, stay tuned.

Photos courtesy of Sven Martin.