Hang with R-Dog in New Zealand in Episode 1 of ‘Dog Daze’

Ever wanted to travel to incredible places with Ryan 'R-Dog' Howard? Here's the next best thing.

Ever wanted to hang with Ryan “R-Dog” Howard? Of course you have, who hasn’t? Unfortunately, one of the friendliest faces in freeride can only be in so many places at once. But we bring you the next best thing.

“Dog Daze” is R-Dog’s love letter to the freeride edits of yore. In Episode 1, tag along with him to New Zealand, where he checks out some of the best trails in the world and hangs out with his friends Caroline Buchanan, Finley Kirschenmann, Casey Brown and Kirsten Van Horne.

Click here to watch now on YouTube, or check it out in the embed below:

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