Check out Reece Wilson and Kade Edward’s custom bikes and kits for Fort William

A special race deserves special gear

Fort William is making its triumphant return to the World Cup circuit after a three-year hiatus, and no one is more excited than TFR’s resident UK riders Reece Wilson and Kade Edwards. To commemorate the occasion, they’re busting out eye-popping custom bikes and kits that’ll be sure to turn heads as they’re ripping down the rocky moorland terrain.

Wilson and Edwards helped design the gear, working with Trek and 100 Percent designers on mood boards that informed the final designs. Edwards went with a wispy green motif that’ll blend right in with the surrounding peat grass. Wilson used the blue and white colors of his native Scottish flag for a fetchingly clean look.

Check out their looks below, and be sure to watch the racing in Fort William this weekend, for FREE, on Red Bull TV.

Kade Edwards rocking the complete look.

Reece Wilson looking FRESH.

Kade's complete bike.

Ooh that detail is trippy.

Reece's ride.


RockShox, naturally.

Minty cool.

Even the chainstay pops.

Did you know Reece is Scottish?

Title seat to cap the look.

Head to toe.

Wanna see more? Follow Reece and Kade on Instagram, and check out Trek Factory Racing DH while you’re at it. Oh, and be sure to watch live when they take on the punishing Fort William course. Need that Red Bull TV link again? We’ve got you right here. You should read our race preview, too.

Get ready for an insanely fun weekend.