Gallery: New kit day for Trek Factory Racing

Gravity looking up!

The Trek Factory Racing downhill and enduro teams will be lining up in 2021 with a new look. A similar scheme is met with a fresh set of colors set to give the off-road faction of Trek’s teams their own unique identity. All riders will start the season in the team blues, with just Reece Wilson donning the white of the reigning World Champion.

Kade shows off the new colors. BLUE!

Pedro Burns shows off the enduro setup for 2021

Reece will have to do with white for now.

Team partner 100% once again delivers a stylish canvas for the team, providing clothing, gloves, helmet, protection, and of course all optics.

100% supplies all kits, helmets, eyewear,, gloves, protection, and very stylish hoodies (not pictured)!

This kit is wheelie approved

If fans are keen to fly the banner of Trek Factory Racing, check out the training kit from 100% via the link below!