Reece Wilson joins TFR

Wilson announced as the oldest member of Trek's new factory program

Trek is thrilled to welcome Reece Wilson to the new Trek Factory Racing program. After a truly successful season in 2018, Reece will look to match those performances, and add to them. Important to note that Reece comes in as the oldest member of the four person roster at 22 years of age. With an average age below 20, this new program is putting an emphasis on youth, and developing riders for this season and seasons to come.

Reece has firm goals for himself in the coming World Cup season. Although not a stranger to the Trek platform, Reece will be coming into a new program, and is keen to help define the culture of the nascent team, and make consistent top-10’s part of that culture.

Why the move to Trek?

I heard that Trek had a new program in the works and it sounded exactly what I was after. It felt right in my head and even better in my heart, so it really was a no brainer. Feels like home.

What are some top goals for you in the 2019 season?

After getting a taste for the top 10 last year I really want to become a consistent top 10 guy this year. The buzz of the podium last year was unreal so I’m definitely keen to relive that.

What should the people of earth expect when the team arrives?

When I’m the oldest rider on the team at 22, you know things are gonna be young and fun. There’s going to be plenty Kendama sessions and lots of happy faces! Hopefully we’ll be the pits everyone wants to come and hang out in.

Whats the secret?

I’m great at acting like I know what I’m doing... half the time I’m just smiling and hoping for the best.