BIKE CHECK: TFR Enduro’s Hattie and Pedro get fresh Slashes for Whistler!

Two spectacular bikes for one iconic race on mountain biking holy ground

The Enduro World Series is heading back to Whistler, one of the greatest venues in the world for mountain biking. For this iconic stop — and the first EWS race since late June — Hattie Harnden and Pedro Burns are riding custom Slashes, each with fresh paint jobs of their own design.

Check out photos of the bikes below, then strap in for the race this Saturday and Sunday.

Hattie's bike singing the blues!

Pedro's bike has a heart of gold, like the man himself.

A stunner from the front, too.

Gold touches everywhere.

SRAM always keeps us rolling smooth.


Complement your outfit.

A hard working bike for a hard working rider.


You can follow this weekend’s race as it’s happening on the official website for the EWS. Also be sure to follow Hattie and Pedro on Instagram to see more of the bikes, as well as Trek Factory Racing Enduro.

Want to score your own drool-worthy Slash? Well then Project One is your ticket.