Hattie Harnden’s helmet is a work of art for a great cause

Hattie Harnden is partnering with Trash Free Trails and encouraging everyone to clean up their favorite places to ride

Hattie Harnden and Trash Free Trails are a perfect match.

Harnden is an enduro superstar who has finished third overall in the Enduro World Series and Enduro World Cup standings the last two years, and already has a win in Finale Ligure this season. Trash Free Trails is dedicated to exactly what their name says: Cleaning up trails, and empowering others to do the same.

Racing on the most beautiful trails in the world is Harnden’s livelihood, so preserving those unique pockets of our planet is of utmost importance for her. That’s why she’ll be donning a custom helmet designed by Trash Free Trails to promote the organization’s mission.

Hattie Harnden's new lid comes courtesy 100%.

“I think you can never really take too much care of the environment and the surroundings,” Harnden said. “It’s easy to buzz through on your bike and not really think about what possible impact you’re having. But the less impact we leave, the better. And it always makes me a bit sad when you see trash on the trail.”

In 2023, Trash Free Trails recorded 17,040 kilograms of trash collected across 7,238 kilometers of trails. They also recruited thousands of volunteers, and created toolkits to help anyone across the world become involved.

“Trash Free Trails is trying to educate the younger generation, and I think that’s super important,” Harnden said. “There’s not really a better organization to be with. We really only have one planet so we might as well look after it as best we can.”

Trash Free Trails and designer Helen Wilson took care of all the fine details.

Harden’s helmet will be the second custom design that Trash Free Trails has created for her, courtesy of Helen Wilson. Like her 2023 helmet, Hattie’s new lid will pay homage to the idyllic landscapes she enjoys, as well as nods to her racing career. The number “3” has become both a reminder of how far she has come as a competitor, and what she’d still like to achieve. The quote “Time To Dance” represents the mentality she takes into every race. TFR Enduro support manager Andy Lund wrote the phrase in gold marker on her handlebars before races

And the color red? That just looks great with the new race kit

Take a closer look at the Hattie’s sweet new helmet below, and learn more about Trash Free Trails at their website and on Instagram to learn how you can get involved.

One sick lid.

One great cause.

A work of art.