Join the #TrashFreeTrails movement with TFR!

Reece Wilson, Jolanda Neff, Evie Richards and Charlie Harrison are making their favorite trails even more beautiful

Ahhhhh spring. Warm breezes, birds chirp-chirping, those first hopeful flower buds. It’s maybe the best time of year to ride your bike. The world smells fresher and your shoulders feel lighter as you whizz through the beautiful scenery you haven’t visited in months.

Unfortunately, not every aspect of spring’s return is so glorious. Stepping out in the world after a long winter also means facing the trash that accumulated while many cyclists were in hibernation.

Fortunately, there’s Trash Free Trails (and good samaritans like you!) to the rescue. Since the beginning of April, the organization has been encouraging riders to clean up their favorite riding spots as part of their annual Spring Trails Clean. 

Want to do your part? Try the #1BagChallenge. Fill up a bag of any size with unwanted detritus, then show off your haul by tagging #TrashFreeTrails on your preferred social media platforms. By shouting your good deeds from the digital rooftops, you can encourage others to do the same, and start a clean trails movement. But don’t just take our word for it:

Reece, Evie, Jolanda and Chuck would never steer you wrong. So grab a plastic bag and help make your favorite trails even more beautiful. And don’t forget to reward yourself with a killer ride afterwards.