Winton takes third overall in EWS

Katy Winton finishes out tough season with overall podium

2018 has been a season of constant battles. The good results didn’t come easy, and this is likely a sign of the increasing level of competition, along with the increasing difficulty of the courses. Katy Winton has ridden hard all year, and this weekend saw her continue to fight. That work ethic and commitment to doing her best was rewarded with a third place overall finish in the 2018 Enduro World Series.

The team’s day in Finale Ligure consisted of a sixth place finish for Katy Winton, a 16th for Casey Brown, a 29th for Ruaridh Cunningham, and a 52nd for Pedro Burns.

Katy Winton’s race was a consistent one, with eyes towards the overall.

"After one of the most challenging season I've ever had, I'm pleased to still have held on to third in the overall. I'm disappointed with my form at the last tow rounds despite a lot of hard work after Whistler, but I did everything I could and there is nothing more you can but your best. Ready to wipe the slate clean and enjoy some time off before returning to training."

Ruaridh finished his first season with the team, and first full season with the Enduro World Series, in 16th place.

Casey Brown visited for only a few rounds of the Enduro World Series, but still managed an impressive 20th place overall for 2018.

After his first year in the pro field, team youngster Pedro Burns proved he is a talent to watch, securing a 34th overall finish in the 2018 Enduro World Series.

That’s a wrap on the 2018 season, keep in touch with the team on Instagram!

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