What type of Wahooligan are you?

Do you always listen to music like Juanpe Lopez or do you ride along to races like Audrey Cordon-Ragot?

In 2022, Trek-Segafredo riders are becoming bigger and better Wahooligans than ever before. We’re expanding our partnership with Wahoo, the fitness tech brand who have defined themselves as a market leader thanks to their innovative and user-friendly products.

Alongside the ELEMNT BOLT head unit and TICKR heart-rate monitor, our 45 riders will now also use the KICKR smart trainers for workouts throughout the racing season. We’ll be on our Wahoo KICKRs for pre-race warm ups and the equally-important post-race cool down, as well as when dodging the rain for indoor workouts.

We caught up with the stars of this Wahoo video to ask them about how they enjoy using their KICKR at home.

Here’s your definitive guide to finding out if you’re more of a Juanpe or an Audrey on your home trainer:

Are you a Juanpe?

  • When do you use the trainer at home? 

Normally only when the weather is bad: if it’s raining or if there is a lot of wind. Sometimes in winter, when we start training again after the off-season, I will do a half an hour ride before breakfast on the TT bike to work on my position and everything like that.

  • Favourite workout on the KICKR?

The type of efforts I do most often on the indoor trainer are sprints. I don’t know if I would say that it’s my favorite thing to do but I find that I can do a really good workout from home that way.

  • TV or music?

I almost always listen to music. For me, it’s the best motivator for indoor training. Very rarely, I will watch a film, or a series, but that doesn’t happen very often. Music keeps me more focussed when I’m trying to do a good effort.

  • What do you like to listen to?

Flamenco music, always. My favorite artist to listen to is Camaron de la Isla. El Barrio is also one of my top picks.

  • Do you ever watch races?

Honestly, never. During the lockdown I did some racing on my home trainer, but I wouldn’t watch a race when I’m on it.

Or are you an Audrey?

  • When do you use the trainer at home?

I train indoors quite often in winter or during the season when the weather is just too horrible to go out and I’ll admit that, at home in Brittany, that’s quite a lot.

However, I also do specific types of training, such a single-leg exercises on my indoor trainer. Firstly, because they are easier, and more effective, to do on the KICKR but also, I can hide in my garage instead of having people out on the road looking at me strangely and thinking ‘why is she only pedalling with one leg?’

  • Favourite workout on the KICKR?

I don’t have specific efforts I really like but the trainer is awesome to be consistent, you don’t have rhythm changes because of the hills. I do a lot of TT training on it for this reason.

  • TV or music?

It depends on what I’m doing. For an easy ride, I might watch something on Netflix, an episode or two of a series, but on a real workout day, I would choose to put the volume up high on a good playlist to give me motivation and power!

  • What do you like to watch/listen to?

I like to watch series where you don’t have to focus too much because, even if I am a woman, I find it hard to do two things at the same time.

For example, during the lockdown, I watched all seasons of ‘The 100’ by riding my trainer three hours a day.

I do listen to podcasts sometimes but mostly I like to listen to loud dance music which pumps me up for my efforts.

Looking for the perfect playlist? Listen to Sounds of Trek-Segafredo – Vol. 1 – The WMN Bus 

  • Do you ever watch races?

If my teammates are racing somewhere and I need to be on the bike at that time I’ll be watching them and pushing with them as hard as I can.