Emil Johansson’s 7th consecutive Crankworx Slopestyle title was bonkers

Somehow, the Slopestyle king managed to outdo even himself

Emil Johansson won a seventh consecutive Crankworx Slopestyle title in Innsbruck on Saturday. His run scored a 98, somehow topping his previous best-ever run of 97.5 when he won in Innsbruck last year.Β 

As Trek’s Cam McCaul noted in his commentary for Red Bull, seemingly every trick Johansson pulled off could have been the showstopper in years past. The fact that he strung them together back-to-back-to-back-to-back on massive features? Truly mind-blowing.

If you haven’t yet seen it, here’s Johansson’s winning run from the weekend, courtesy of Red Bull:

Johansson’s string of seven consecutive slopestyle victories stretches back to 2019, when he won Red Bull Joyride for a first-ever Crankworx Slopestyle title. He hasn’t lost since, all the while blowing us away with his unmatched technicality and flare. Last year, he became the second rider to ever secure the Crankworx Triple Crown of Slopestyle despite wind, rain and a long quarantine period. You can relive that day here.

We are truly witnessing history. As Johansson put it, “pinch me.”