Emil Johansson’s Session paint job is military grade

If bikes could fly they'd look like this

Emil Johansson keeps an idea book filled with paint designs he’d like to try. Every time he finds or comes up with a design, he adds it to a growing list. “I’ve got a lot of bikes I want to do,” he says.

But for his latest Session, he simply remixed an old favorite. At Red Bull Rampage 2019, he rode a dark green Session with style details borrowed from the Saab JAS 39 Gripen jet, engineered for the Swedish Military.

Johansson finished 12th at Rampage with a brilliant rookie run, then decided he liked the bike so much that he’d get the same paint job again except in white.

Emil's Session is full of nods to the Swedish military.

Clean and ready for takeoff.

Johansson takes his paint seriously. He says that his favorite idea-come-to-life was a design that combined houndstooth and leather for a sophisticated vibe.

“I wasn’t even sure I wanted to ride it because I didn’t want to scratch it,” Johansson says. “It was just a luxury looking bike.”

This bike should be wearing a smoking jacket.

Emil knows class.

Fortunately for us, Johansson is willing to get his bikes dirty on occasion. Check out this video he did with Martin Söderström for Red Bull’s Sound of Speed series in November. He makes bikes look real good in motion, too.

Johansson's personal touches are sweet, too.

All that's missing are the afterburners.