Gaze at Brandon Semenuk’s luxurious Session paint job fit for a Lamborghini

Isn't it pretty?

Sometimes not much else needs to be said.

For his new Session, C3 Project’s Brandon Semenuk pulled a paint job from the world of supercars. “Bronzo Masaru” is a color akin to pewter with hints of purple or bronze depending on your angle and light, and looks just as good on a full-suspension downhill bike as it does on a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Clean, custom, luxurious styling.

Just in case anyone asks.

Brandon’s inspiration? Nothing really — the color just looks really, really rad alongside components from RockShox, SRAM, Chromag, Industry Nine and Maxxis.

Bringing supercar glamor to bikes.

Fine details EVERYWHERE.

Brandon is one of the most accomplished and creative mountain bikers in the world. You can check out all of Brandon’s latest video projects at Revel Co.