R-Dog’s homage to hockey

New custom Ticket is cold as ice!

Before Ryan Howard, R-Dog, was ripping up the trails full time, he was passionate about slicing through something else, a hockey rink. For 10 years, he skated around California ice and made his way up through the ranks. His final stop before he swapped blades for wheels was the San Jose Shark’s junior team.

“My parents signed me up for some ice skating lessons when I was six and I picked that up pretty quick. Next on my radar was ice hockey,” R-Dog said. “The more I played the more I loved it. The first time I ever traveled to Whistler, B.C. was for a hockey tournament. It was crazy to be in Whistler a handful of years later riding my bike.”

R-Dog spends less time in skates these days, but still has a deep love for hockey. So, when it came time to design his new Ticket, he chose his youthful years on the ice as inspiration.

“I theme all my bikes with something that relates to my life, and this is my favorite paint yet,” R-Dog said. “It brings back memories of the first sport I was truly passionate about where I was proud to be part of a team. Now that I ride for Trek and am part of the whole C3 Project with these custom painted bikes, I’m really proud of that as well.”

Beyond the hockey memories it evokes, R-Dog also loves this Ticket’s clean lines and appealing design.

“The lines are simple and the overall look is really good,” he said. “You can appreciate its design whether or not you’re a hockey fan.”