Casey Brown’s new Session is fully tatted up

Giddy up!

Casey Brown’s new Session is at Red Bull Formation in Virgin, Utah, and there may not be a better bike for the Wild West.

Casey wanted a design specifically “to look nice in the desert.” The result is a dusty, tattooed ripper with classic Western iconography like rattlesnakes, horses and spurs, but also personal touches like her initials and a portrait of her dog, Snuff.

“It’s a really fun bike to look at because there’s something new you notice every time,” Casey says. “I honestly think it’s the nicest looking Session I’ve ever had. I’m so hyped.”

Katy Steudel, Trek’s mountain bike senior graphic designer, did the drawings, which were inspired by vintage ink. The wild horses and flowers that are depicted are also native to the West. Overall, it’s hard to think of a better celebration of America’s untamed country. You can check out the bike below!

Get ready to get lost in the details.

Whip Queen <3

Form AND function with RockShox.

Good dog!

Title bars soaking up the sun.


So you know whose it is.

Tougher than a buffalo's hide.

Grips for the dusty trail.

From the front.

Not a real snake.

Not a real snake?

Beautiful. And the view's great, too.

You can catch Casey at Red Bull Formation … NOW. The event is going on through May 15th. You’ll definitely want to follow her on Instagram. Oh, and don’t forget to watch her extremely rad new video series, “Honk if you Freeride.”

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