Kade Edwards’ custom Session and kit are an absolute trip

Kade Edwards is standing out in Loudenvielle in every sense

Everywhere he goes, Kade Edwards drops jaws to the floor. Few people in the world are capable of raising the stoke like he can. So it’s only fitting that his custom kit and Session mirror his absolutely bonkers talent on a bike.

Want more custom goodness? Check out Loris Vergier’s ultra-clean purple look from Andorra.

Trek and 100% collaborated to give him a look unlike anything you’ll see on the DH World Cup circuit: A psychedelic oil slick that looks like what watching Edwards feels like. Take a look at the bike and kit below, and catch him in Loudenvielle on a steep, wide open track with plenty of room to get loose.

Consider us gobsmacked.

Psychedelic oil slick? Melting, swirling jawbreaker? Whatever you want to call it, it's gorgeous.

100% doesn't miss.

Custom everywhere.

Even down to the toes.

Catch the look in Loudenvielle.

Don't get hypnotized.

The best in the game.

Follow Kade and Trek Factory Racing DH on Instagram to see more of his new look and catch everything that the high-flying Brit is up to this year.