Check out Trek-Segafredo’s new men’s AND women’s kit for the Tours de France!

The inside story on our stunning new kit for a historic occasion

This year, the Tour de France will debut a women’s edition of the race, the eight-stage Tour de France Femmes, on the same day as the last stage of the men’s edition on July 24.

The race is a milestone in women’s sports. And to commemorate the occasion, Trek-Segafredo is rolling out a unified men’s and women’s kit for its Tour de France squads this July. The kits combine the iconic Viper Red of the men’s team and Azure Blue of the women’s team in streaks across the chest and back to celebrate their joint participation in cycling’s Grande Boucle for the first time in history.

“That beautiful play of shades from blue to red, besides being super cool, is beyond symbolic for a team like ours,” said Elisa Longo Borghini, who won this year’s Paris-Roubaix Femmes with a solo attack. “A unity of purpose between two groups that carry forward the same colors, values and goals. This kit is an opportunity to reaffirm once again that we, at Trek-Segafredo, are just one team.”

Mads likes it!

Tayler showing off the details.

The kits, which are produced by Santini, were designed in a collaborative effort by Trek senior product designer Micah Moran, art director Brian Lindstrom and product graphic designer Kyle Doney. Planning for a unified men’s and women’s kit for the Tour de France began in the Fall of 2021. Moran led conceptualization, and began by blurring images of the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Élysées — where the men traditionally finish the Tour de France, and the women will begin this year — creating a speed pan effect.

The Arc de Triomphe may be unrecognizable in the final design, but the blend of red and blue across the chest invokes the feeling of whizzing by colorful crowds of fans along the Champs-Élysées on perhaps the most joyous day of road racing every year.

Cool. Refined. Classic.

Santini always comes through. Is that ... purple?!

“Since it’s a monumental year for women’s cycling with the start of the Tour de France Femmes, we knew that we wanted a unified kit for both teams,” Moran said. “It’s always an honor to do things that are showcased at the Tour de France, but to make it significant, to make it special, to make it stand out on camera, and then just to know that there’s this story behind it of bringing those colors together, it’s pretty amazing.”

The attention to detail on the design goes all the way to the straps on the bibs, which feature the same blurred streak effect as the Trek logo on the chest of the jersey, even though they’ll be covered up during races.

Goes great with coffee.

The streaks across the chest and back combine the red and blue of the men's and women's teams, and simulate the feeling of whizzing past a roaring crowd.

“As soon as people saw it on the drawing, you kind of want to just bring more of that pattern to life, and add it into more places,” Moran said. “We’re always looking for opportunities to put in little intimate rider details. People may not see that strap, but as the rider who puts that on, you know it’s there, and it feels special and thought out to you.”

The Trek-Segafredo men’s and women’s teams are in the midst of banner seasons, with major victories like Longo Borghini’s aforementioned Paris-Roubaix, to Juan Pedro Lopez’s incredible turn in pink jersey at the Giro d’Italia, to 10 (!) national championships among riders on both squads earlier this month.

Coming soon to a French climb near you!

Both teams share a culture of excellence and camaraderie. It’s only fitting that they share a kit, too. 

“I like that the design uses colors that we don’t often see so often in the peloton, which means it should stand out,” said Toms Skujiņš, who recently won the Latvian time trial championship. “It’s always nice to have something special for the Tour, it gives an extra bit of motivation. I’m looking forward to making the most of our three weeks at the Tour followed by watching the women race, all in the same kit.”

Trek is proud to have fostered two of the strongest teams in the men’s and women’s pelotons. This July, both teams will wear the same colors proudly: Red, blue and a very pleasant shade of purple.