World Cup Waterloo

The world's best descend on Trek HQ

It was a weekend of broken records at Trek HQ, with season-high temperatures, and the first-ever equal payout for women and men in a CX World Cup.

Sunday’s races were won by reigning World Champion Sanne Cant, and Dutch phenom Mathieu van der Poel.

The womens race started fast and furious, with Friday’s C2 winner Katie Compton well in the mix, ready for a repeat. Sadly the lingering effects of her allergies to a bee sting would cause her to fade. Eventual winner Sanne Cant broke free of the competition to win solo, followed by Wisconsin native Katie Keough. Ellen Noble would win the sprint for third, rounding out the day’s podium

The winner of the mens race of the World Cup Waterloo was determined quickly, with Mathieu van der Poel pulling away from the start, and riding his own race to take the win. Chasing fast was a group containing eventual second and third place finishers Corne Van Kessel and Daan Soete. Corne and Daan applied the pressure on the last lap, putting the group in distress. Corne and Daan began their sprint in the last corner, and secured the final spots on the podium.

The teams will now travel back to Europe as the season kicks off in earnest. Be sure to tune into for full and free coverage of the DVV series!