Watch what happens when Evie Richards races a beginner XC rider

Just how fast is a world champion XC racer, really? (Spoiler: Really dang fast)

It’s easy to forget how fast world-caliber XC riders are. We usually watch them in the context of World Cup races, where they’re in the throes of battle against other otherworldly athletes, making each other look mortal. Only by pitting a pro against amateur and beginner riders can we possibly grasp the extent of their speed.

Fortunately, Global Mountain Bike Network has created such a scenario. Watch the video below to see Trek Factory Racing’s very own world champion Evie Richards race a beginner rider, as well as an amateur rider on an ebike who happens to be her dad.

Spoiler: Evie is much, much faster than a rider who only busts out her mountain bike a few times per year. Her dad does manage to beat her, but given that his bike has a motor, I think Evie can be forgiven that defeat.

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