The kids these days

Trek Test Team Racing jumps into 2017

What are the kids into these days? From the looks of the Trek Test Team, it’s racing. And jumps.

For 2017, the Trek Test Team is five riders strong, with returning riders Cole Picchiottino, Evander Hughes, Nic Beechan, along with new blood Spencer Rathkamp and Travis Claypool.

As in previous years, the team is focused on racing their bikes and testing product. Their creation from the Trek suspension lab on the North American west coast continues to drive their product development ethos. Racing is a natural progression for discovering the boundaries of a product,  as well as pushing bikes and gear to their limits.

Look for the Trek Test Team at Kenda Cup races, Pro XCT/GRT races, Big Mountain Enduro, Enduro World Series, and local MTB events along the west coast of North America. Riders will be looking for results in a variety of disciplines, making their mark in downhill, cross-country, and enduro races.

This month, Trek Test Team riders met for camp, getting set up for the 2017 season. In addition to training rides, the group was able to host riders from the local NICA chapter for a ride clinic, team meet, and raffle give away. With most of the Test Team graduating from high school mountain biking programs, the riders are always looking for ways to give back to an institution that has grown the sport so significantly.

Follow the team through the Trek Race Shop social media, @trekraceshop.

Take a look at images from the team camp!