Weekend Ironman report

Trek athletes win at both IM 70.3 Santa Rosa and Monterrey

Starting off with Monterrey, it was a solid win for Jeanni Seymour, who took control on the run and never looked back.

Racing for the Timex-Trek team, Jeannie adds to impressive season that includes a win at IM 70.3 Liuzhou and a 2nd at IM 70.3 St. George.

Lauren Goss also raced at Monterrey, coming in at 3rd, but dealing with a whole host of issues. After leading the race on the bike, Lauren suffered an untimely flat, and was unable to get it sorted. Lauren rode in the last 15 miles on a flat, only to crash on the technical cobbled section in the bike finale. Undeterred, Lauren fought her way to a podium, nearly catching the 2nd place finisher.

Holly Lawrence made it happen again this weekend, winning IM 70.3 Santa Rosa in emphatic style. Her third race, and third win, Holly continues to show that she is the dominant athlete in the discipline. After a blazing fast start, Holly had to dial back a touch, but still had a solid enough margin to take a comfortable win. In her own words,

"Totally threw my plan out the window after getting on to the bike and feeling amazing (despite racing 7 days ago) and getting carried away passing the back end of the male pros. I paid for the effort big time after mile 45 where I totally bonked and watched in disbelief as my power numbers dropped like crazy and coasted the last 10 miles into T2. Luckily I still had a big enough lead to eat and drink everything in sight and perk up to salvage the race and hold on for the tape. Not the smartest of moves on my part but I got away with it today!"

Tim O’Donnell scored a 3rd place at IM 70.3 Santa Rosa, suffering in the cold morning conditions.

"I'll need to special order my next Speed Concept with a heated seat, the cold temps at race start kicked my butt! I was happy to fight back on the run for a podium spot and looking forward to put the bike and run together for Ironman Boulder next month!"