Coffee talk with Jacopo Mosca

Grab a coffee and join us for this week's Segafredo's chat with Italian Jacopo Mosca.


What is your morning ritual? 

The first thing I do in the morning as soon as I wake up, no matter what day it is and no matter what time, is turn on the machine and make coffee. I once tried to move the machine into the bedroom for convenience, but my fiancée didn’t take that well and has banned me from doing so. 

I always like to wake up very early in the morning, and very often I get up, grab a coffee, and go back to bed to read the news before getting up properly. During this quarantine period, my routine doesn’t change – good habits should never be replaced!

How do you like your coffee? 

Espresso coffee, without question. Depending on the time of day, I choose ristretto (short) or lungo (long). The first coffee of the day is ristretto, as well as the one after meals. During the day, perhaps when I stop during training, I prefer a longer espresso. At home, I always have a well-stocked pantry with Segafredo Intermezzo, my favorite blend.

How many coffees do you have before a race? 

In total, two or three at most. After the wake-up coffee, I have another one after breakfast, often on the team bus on the way to the start. The third, if it happens, is just before going to the podium to sign-on.

What is for you a ‘coffee ride’?

The coffee ride is on the rest day when you enjoy the bike without thinking too much about watts, specific training, and everything related to performance. I go out for the pleasure of cycling and to enjoy the moment. Since I live in Genova, my stop is in Santa Margherita Ligure after about 40 km. I ride the climb that leads to the town very slowly (it’s a rest day!), take a break for coffee, and then ride back home.

Favorite companion for a coffee ride? 

The best company is teammates the day before a race or during a training camp. When I’m at home, my usual training group is quite small, so I often ride alone. But the coffee break on the rest day, alone or with other riders, cannot be missed.

How much has your daily life changed in the time of this pandemic? 

In some ways, my routine has had only one significant change: I can’t go outside to ride, and I have to train on my Saris home trainer. For the rest, I stay at home, except when I have to do the grocery shopping once a week, which is only 300m from home. Of course, having no racing schedule is something new to adapt to, but I’m still focused on my work. Sooner or later, we’ll be back riding, and we have to be ready for it.

How do you invest your free time at home? 

In this unprecedented situation, there’s time to do the chores at home that I never get to do in-season normally. I keep myself very informed and, of course, fit. My great passion is cooking, but that can be a trap for those who, like me, cannot give in to temptation. Therefore, I cook light foods and, above all, food that satisfies the tastes of Federica, my girlfriend. In regular times, the afternoon is dedicated to her. She likes to run, and I follow her on my Trek bike. However, now we are enjoying each other’s company, but within four walls.



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