All Access: Giro d’Italia is LIVE

This is the story of our Giro d'Italia.

At the start of this All Access episode, we set out the Team’s goals and intentions and from then on you can follow the riders on a three-week journey around Italy that saw them stepping out of their comfort zone, rising to the challenge, and celebrating on the podium.

It’s your exclusive look at the Giro d’Italia through Trek-Segafredo tinted glasses.

"Everyone is taking a part of our success and everyone is really important but they also do jobs they never normally do. Toms is normally never doing lead out but he did really good. Bauke is never pulling like he did on the flat but he still shows up and he does it. Natnael, the same, Amanuel, the same. It just shows that if the team believes in you as a leader they are willing to go, I won't say above their limits, but above what they normally have to do". - Mads Pedersen

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