Riders: Postponing 2020 Olympics is the right choice

Trek Factory Racing riders respond to the news of Games postponement

Today the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee confirmed that the 2020 Games in Tokyo are postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Although this is an immense disappointment for so many athletes across many sports all around the world, we support Trek riders’ collective agreement to the postponement. Our love of sport is secondary to the health of our communities.

Postponing the 2020 Tokyo Olympics prioritizes safety and gives more people the opportunity to enjoy the incredible achievements displayed by athletes from around the globe.

Read below for quotes from Trek Factory Racing riders responding to the postponement.


Mads Pedersen, Trek-Segafredo

For me it’s good that the Tokyo Olympics will be postponed. It shows that we are thinking above sport and making everyone’s health the priority! I am 100% in support of this decision.

It is worse for all the athletes who have planned their seasons for this event, but I am glad the organizers have made this decision now rather than at the last minute.

We will all come back stronger, inside and outside sport!


Lizzie Deignan, Trek-Segafredo

The Olympics has always been a huge part of my career. I was lucky enough to compete and win a medal in a home games and those memories will stay with me forever. Although I am disappointed about the postponement of Tokyo, I am sure that it is the right decision.

The Olympics is a celebration of sport but also of our global community and together we need to work towards a different kind of victory. I have the motivation and optimism to carry me through to an Olympics in 2021, what a special games that will be.


Vincenzo Nibali during Stage 4 of the 2020 Volta ao Algarve

Vincenzo Nibali, Trek-Segafredo

The Olympics, for every athlete, is an event of great importance. All the more so, if the athlete is predicted as a protagonist. Tokyo 2020 was a goal of my season, perhaps the most important. But the postponement of a year does not change my aspirations and, from now on, I can say that I will plan my preparation to arrive at the event in the best possible condition.

I think the IOC made the right choice. Right now, the world needs to focus its efforts on fighting the emergency. Sport can wait. And in 2021 we will all be ready to celebrate its rebirth together.


Ruth Winder, Trek-Segafredo

I think the IOC and everyone involved is making the right decision because it really wouldn’t be smart to have the Olympic Games this year. It’s a really strange feeling and it’s all still sinking in as they’ve just announced the decision this morning, but I believe it’s the right call to try and keep the world healthy and safe right now.


Bauke Mollema, Trek-Segafredo

I completely understand and respect the decision of the IOC to postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Over the last few days you could sense this was coming as right now public health is the most important thing. The Tokyo Olympics where one of the key goals of the season for me and I’m hopeful I’ll be able to participate in this great event next year.


Elisa Longo Borghini, Trek-Segafredo

I am sorry to see such an important and long-awaited event as the Olympics postponed, but I am convinced that the best decision has been made. For everyone, athletes and fans, the Olympic dream is not broken but only postponed.

We will have the opportunity to plan our preparation in time and to be ready for the new time. For athletes, this is just a setback, nothing compared to what thousands of people in the world are facing. It's right that the sport should stop. The priority is people. My thoughts are only with them, with those who suffer and fight every day against this emergency.


Richie Porte, Trek-Segafredo

With the epidemic that is the coronavirus, I think unfortunately it is the right decision because we’re all on home trainers, swimmers can’t swim in pools and all the other athletes are unable to train properly. It really makes sense that the decision had to be made.

We’re seeing people dying and with the increasing the numbers of infection, it’s hard to argue that this wasn’t the right call. For me personally, it’s a bit disappointing to have planned around riding the events that I had to to qualify. We changed my race program to do the Ardennes to try to qualify for Australia, so it’s a big shame but I can totally understand the rationale behind it.


Letizia Paternoster, Trek-Segafredo

The road to Tokyo will be a year longer, but there is no doubt: it is the right decision. The Olympics are the celebration of the sport and in this world that is fighting a terrible emergency, there no room for celebrations.

As I was ready and determined to face the challenge this year, I will be ready and determined next year. Maybe more.


Jolanda Neff, Trek Factory Racing Cross Country

Postponing was an urgently needed and wise decision from the IOC. This gives athletes all over the world clarity and this is 100% the right thing to do. I support their decision.


Emily Batty, Trek Factory Racing Cross Country

I am confident the IOC made the right decision in postponing the Olympic Games, and all of the data and information confirms that this decision is the right choice. I believe all the athletes and key stakeholders involved wholeheartedly understand the level of impact that COVID-19 is having on the world. The measures taken to control this pandemic are not taken lightly, and right now, controlling the virus and flattening the curve is more significant than sport.

I feel incredibly fortunate and proud that Trek is honoring all athletes and employee salaries during this time of uncertainty. There are many unanswered questions are surrounding the Olympics, however, there is much to maintain fitness for. I am implementing many strategies to maintain daily purpose and focus for the day we get the green light to race again.


Ben Kanute, Trek Factory Racing Triathlete

I think my coach really puts it best, "timelines change, but goals don't." I was ready to compete for an Olympic spot, and an Olympic medal this year, but the health and safety of the fans, staff, athletes, and the rest of the world is much more important. I will continue to train to be at the highest level, and will be even more ready for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The most important thing right now is to stay safe and healthy, and to help stop the spread of the coronavirus to limit its impact.


Please listen to your local and national authorities to know the best actions to take for the safety of your community. In this moment, our communities need us to support one another and act for the good of all.